Donating to St Michaels

Our financial gift to the Church is just a part of our response to the God who we know as self-giving love.  Traditionally, Christians have aspired to tithe (give one-tenth) of their income to the Church - at St Michaels we teach that planned giving does need to reflect individual circumstances, but should be a commitment that is taken seriously, is significant and regular. 

Many Anglicans now pay their regular pledge to the parish by direct debit or online. Often, when people are away for a while one thing that slips is their parish offering. With a regular direct debit, you can ensure your weekly pledge to the parish is paid whether you are here or not. This is a great help to the parish budget, and like all regular payments allows you to better plan your own budget as well. If you are giving online or by direct debit, the Treasurer can give you printed slips which can be placed in the offering plate in the normal offering envelopes. Our parish bank account details are:

        Account Name: Anglican Parish of Canning
        BSB: 706001
        Account no. 30003583

You can use these details to set up a regular transfer from your own bank website (please use the word ‘Offering’ as a reference).

If you have an IOS or Android smartphone you can donate using the app which you can download free from the App Store. After setting up your account details and PIN on you can search us by name as "St Michaels Cannington", or simply find the nearest church (easiest if you are sitting in our pews!). Choose the amount you wish to give, and whether it is for a Sunday service offering, a donation or for the Op Shop. You can also choose to cover the transfer fee. Or you can click the following link to donate to St Michaels using the web kiosk.